Scott McGillivray’s Trusted Realtor program is designed to help buyers and sellers ensure they’re getting a trustworthy Realtor who works for them. Michael St. Jean of St. Jean Realty has earned the McGillivray Mark Trusted Realtor designation.

Michael St. Jean is the exclusive Scott McGillivray Trusted Realtor for Hamilton-Burlington


From his experience working with hundreds of real estate investments over the past 20 years, TV star Scott McGillivray knows firsthand the value of a knowledgeable, connected, and dedicated Realtor.

“Selling a home can be a complex process. It’s important to use an experienced Realtor that knows your market,” advises Scott. “Partner with a Realtor with a strong marketing strategy that creates demand and gets your home sold for top dollar!”

Realtors belonging to the exclusive Scott McGillivray Trusted Realtor program have been chosen through a rigorous selection process. Michael St. Jean and his team always deliver excellence in client satisfaction, depth of experience, marketing expertise, and delivered results. It is Scott McGillivray’s pleasure to offer his wholehearted endorsement as well as the McGillivray Mark Trusted Realtor designation.

Michael St. Jean of St. Jean Realty is a leading Realtor and team leader in the Hamilton-Burlington market. This endorsement is the result of decades of experience, industry-topping results, and an exhaustive knowledge of the Hamilton-Burlington market.

More about Michael St. Jean and St. Jean Realty

St. Jean Realty’s sole focus is getting you results. From attracting qualified buyers with an industry-leading marketing strategy that creates maximum exposure for both resale and new sale investments, to scouring listings to find you the perfect home, they do it all.


“We know that your finances are at the heart of your real estate purchase. We’re here to make sure you get the most money for the least hassle. And we have the exclusive listings, market knowledge, and proven track record to make that happen.“ – Michael St. Jean

A Realtor can say they will sell your home quickly and for a high price. But can they tell you that they sell a home every single day? Or that on average, they sell their listings for 103% of the list price? Do their listings sell 2-weeks faster than the average Realtor? St. Jean Realty does all of that, and more.

The St. Jean family has been selling real estate in Hamilton and delivering exceptional results to their clients for over 35 years. In 2014, they founded St. Jean Realty Inc., a boutique brokerage specializing in residential homes, urban condos, and townhomes and has seen explosive growth since. In that time, Michael and his team at St. Jean Realty have sold over 3,000 properties, and have helped countless buyers find their perfect home.

Experience the St. Jean Realty difference. Call or visit online for your free home evaluation today and see why top Realtor, Michael St. Jean has earned the exclusive McGillivray Trusted Realtor endorsement.


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Scott McGillivray is North America’s go-to expert when it comes to all things real estate and renovation. He’s a contractor, real estate investor and star of the hit TV show, Income Property. Passionate about helping people learn the ins-and-outs of succeeding in renovation and real estate, Scott is now sharing his insider secrets with novice flippers in his newest series, Buyers Bootcamp. McGillivray emphasizes the importance of using a qualified Realtor by recognizing a select few of the best real estate minds in the country through his McGillivray Trusted Realtor program.

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