Any real estate agent can say they will sell your home quickly and for a high price. But can they tell you that they sell a home every single day? Or that on average, they sell their listings for 103% of the list price? Do their listings sell 2 weeks faster than the average agent? We do all of that, and more.

At St. Jean Realty

We offer a superior service with steps to selling your home that are clear, are practical, and deliver results.

Here is how we do it:

We Have a Full Team Working for You

With our full-service team approach, at least one of our team members is available through normal business hours to answer potential buyers’ calls right away, which allows us to speak with more buyers than any other agent and make sure that no opportunity is missed. We have a network that will find buyers for your home and filter through the existing buyers that we’re already working with, while our support staff takes care of all of the administrative tasks, as well as marketing for your home. We also have a team of inside sales staff whose sole purpose is to set up appointments and chat with potential buyers.

We Stay on Top of the Market

With over 35 years of experience, we have come to know the city, its market trends, and its properties like the backs of our hands. We know what other homes have sold for and what competing homes are listed for in your area, giving you an advantage to strategically price your home and attract more buyers. Pricing correctly is one of the most vital steps to selling your home, and we do it with ease and precision.

We Market Above and Beyond

We know that first impressions are key to selling quickly and for the absolute best price. We are connected to professional videographers, photographers, stagers, cleaners, and more to ensure your home looks magazine worthy. We spend over one million dollars in advertising annually – no other real estate team will work as hard or spend as much money to gain exposure for your listing. This is one of the most important steps to selling a home, so we go the extra mile by creating a targeted buyer profile and showcasing your home online, in print, on the radio, throughout social media, on outdoor advertisements, and more.

We Deliver Results

When selling your home, our sole focus is getting you results. We recognize first and foremost that certain things need to be achieved; we know that you want to get the most money with the least hassle – and we offer the protection, resources, and track record to make that happen. Marry that with our client dedication and customer services, and we deliver far more than the average agent. In the end, you will know for sure that you received the best price, were protected, and made all of the right decisions.

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