Investing in Hamilton requires working with a team you can actually trust, one that has done the things they’re preaching. How can an agent help you flip a home if they’ve never flipped a home? We have not only helped hundreds of people invest, but most of us are investors ourselves; we own real estate and have made our money in real estate. Ultimately, it comes down to track record and results – and ours are strong.

Here is what you’ll get when you invest with Michael and his team at St. Jean Realty:

In-Depth Analysis and Counsel

Are you interested in buying pre construction? Looking to flip or buy/hold a home? We will review the different types of investment options available to you and provide our insight on the best course of action depending on your financial capabilities and risk appetite. You will also receive an in-depth analysis of each potential investment property’s location, which greatly impacts the rent potential, property appreciation, tenants you attract, and problems you may encounter.

Experienced Financial Insight

When you’re about to invest, you deserve to see the whole picture. Many listing agents will list overinflated capitalization rates and present all the financial details of an investment property in a positive light, without supplying the negative information that can impact your decision. To ensure your financial protection, we will verify the cap rate listed on the property and provide you with an analysis of our findings. You’ll also receive further analysis on future capital appreciation, and connections to the best financing rates with creative financing options.

Leasing and Rental Expertise

Securing your long-term success as an investor is our top priority. Once we have won the right property, we will request current rent rolls and review them for accuracy and will project future rent potential based on the market conditions and landlord improvements. We will then assist you in leasing the property and will educate you on all landlord tenancy act rules and regulations to ensure you are well-informed and confident in your rights as a landlord.

Interested in investing?

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