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St. Jean Realty

Michael St. Jean Realty is a high-performance real estate brokerage led by Michael St. Jean. We specialize in helping people buy, sell, invest, and develop residential real estate in the Hamilton-Burlington area.

  • 40+ Years of Selling Real Estate
  • 3,000+ Properties Sold
  • 20+ New Developments Sold
  • $1 Billion+ In Real Estate Sold

Developers Trust Us To Help

Every day, we help some of the region’s top developers prepare, market, and sell their projects to a collection of qualified buyers. At Michael St. Jean Realty, we can help you do the same.

More Than a Sales Agency

When it comes to development sales, we know that time is money. We’ll use our expertise and market insight to ensure your development sells out quickly and reaches its full potential.

We don’t operate as a staffing agency as most new development sales agencies do. We are some of the most productive agents in the country, engaged in day-to-day real estate states and with years of market knowledge.

Our team is full-time, fully-licensed, and highly-motivated. Your development will become our full-time focus and we will take a proactive approach to selling it out.

We have a widely recognized brand, a strong community presence, thousands of clientele, and we invest heavily into our marketing. We lend all of this to your project to actively attract buyers.

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We have years of experience in converting leads to increase sales and lower rescission rates, leading to shorter sales cycles and successful developments.

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Our Services

For us, success is never merely a result of what happens after we start selling. As a developer, here are just some of the services we offer to optimize your project’s sale:

Land Assembly

Market Research

Product Design

Public Relations

Presentation Centre & Events

Branding & Marketing

Sales & Administration

Broker Network

Leasing & Property Management

A High-Powered Marketing Process

We put the full weight of our marketing machine behind you. Last year we generated over 30,000 buyer inquiries.

Our Elevated Approach To Marketing

Michael St. Jean Realty spends over $1 million dollars per year marketing our clients’ homes.

  • Preparatory Marketing – Home Staging
  • Listing Marketing – Professional/Twilight Photography, HD and 4K Video Tours, Aerial Video and Photography
  • Promotional Marketing – Coming Soon Campaigns, Premium Feature Sheets, Reputable Signage
  • Traditional Marketing – Radio Ads, Television Ads, Outdoor Advertising, and Print Marketing
  • Digital Marketing – Social Media Ads, AdWords Campaigns, Display Marketing, Retargeting Ads

St. Jean Insiders Access

We have over 100,000 people in our database and are working with hundreds of qualified buyers at any given moment. We have a massive following of investors seeking new development opportunities. 

Our Projects

As the official sales agency for many developers in Hamilton, these are just some of our past, present, and upcoming developments.

Our Success Stories

Selling out new developments in record time isn’t new to us. As the official sales team for Jamesville Lofts, one of Hamilton’s premier projects, we sold an astounding 80% of the development in a single weekend. 

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