With some of the most covetable properties in the area, homes for sale in Ancaster come with a certain amount of prestige. Primarily known as one of Hamilton’s most desirable bedroom communities, Ancaster features a variety of property types, but most commonly you will find single-family detached homes here. 

With its reputation as an excellent family-friendly community, houses for sale in Ancaster are a hot commodity, often selling quickly and for well over the asking price in today’s seller’s market. However, the community of 41,000 is also seeing some new townhouses and a few low-rise condo developments, which are making buying a house for sale in Ancaster more achievable for a larger portion of the market. 

The most important consideration when looking to buy homes for sale in Ancaster, Ontario is to work with an experienced local real estate agent. That way, you get an insider advantage on the rest of the market. The same goes for selling; working with an experienced local Ancaster real estate agent is your best strategy for maximizing your sale.  

Ancaster Houses For Sale

Ancaster would certainly not be considered a community that caters to the “budget-minded.” In fact, the area often appears on lists of the most affluent communities in the Golden Horseshoe. Houses for sale in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada often feature large plots of land, luxurious finishings, and spacious floorplans. 

Local residents value space, privacy, and comfort, which is translated well into the property types available. Single-family detached homes, large estates, and beautiful renovated older homesteads are the most common homes available. 

However, Ancaster is also quickly becoming a favourite community for affluent retirees, new families, and young professionals with advanced careers. As a result, there are also many luxurious townhome developments that offer a great opportunity to live in a fantastic community without the maintenance and responsibility that comes with owning a large home with significant land attached. 

Ancaster also has a few low-rise condo buildings that populate its downtown area, however, these homes are rare in this area and probably more aligned with an affluent individual who is choosing to retire in place. 

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Upcoming Ancaster Developments

Although known for being an established community with unique properties and large lots, Ancaster indeed has some new developments and condos for sale in the works. Of the new developments in Ancaster currently, the most prominent are built by Toscani Development Ltd. and include townhomes for sale in Ancaster as well as single-family homes and condos for sale in Ancaster. 

In terms of new constructions, these developments are built to align with the local aesthetic and match the quality standards and features of existing Ancaster homes. These new homes feature modern appliances, spacious rooms, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Most new developments are also positioned close to great schools and fantastic Ancaster amenities. 

How to Find the Right Ancaster Development For You 

Finding the right new development for you in Ancaster takes a completely different approach than it does in other, more active new development communities. Although Ancaster is a popular neighbourhood, much of its appeal comes from resale homes. 

If you’re in the market for a new development home in Ancaster, we recommend you consider the following:

  • Which amenities are important to you and your family? Are you looking for proximity to shopping and entertainment or would you prefer a new development near a great school?
  • Do the size and floor plan work with your lifestyle? Would you prefer a condo, townhome, or single-family detached house? 
  • Is this going to be your “forever home” or is it just a starter home? 

With fewer options than other communities, finding a condo for sale in Ancaster or a new townhome for sale in Ancaster can present a challenge. Working with an established real estate team with experience in new developments is critical. 

At Michael St. Jean Realty, we have relationships with all the major builders in the area and have our fingers on the pulse of what’s new and upcoming in the area.

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Find the Right Ancaster Neighbourhood For You

Although Ancaster was technically amalgamated into the greater City of Hamilton as of 2001, it still retains its fantastic “small-town charm” and unique micro-communities within the greater area. As an established community, Ancaster has a great variety of neighbourhood amenities and specific features that will appeal to a wide spectrum of buyers.

Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right Ancaster neighbourhood:

For the Family 

With incredible schools and amenities for children of all ages, Ancaster is a fantastic place to raise a family. In particular, neighbourhoods like Maple Lane Annex, with its new construction homes and close proximity to convenient amenities like a nearby Wal-Mart, are popular among families. Parkview Heights is also a popular Ancaster neighbourhood for families since Ancaster High School and the Morgan Firestone Arena are close by. 

For the Nature-Lover

Ancaster’s second claim to fame after its beautiful properties has to be its amazing proximity to nature and gorgeous scenery. Many Ancaster homes for sale are perfectly appointed to give maximum privacy and access to incredible outdoor recreation. For example, the neighbourhood of Sulphur Springs on the outskirts of Ancaster provides rural living with access to gorgeous conservation areas, walking trails, and more. Ancaster Heights is another popular established neighbourhood with excellent access to scenic walking trails.

For the Commuter

Many Ancaster residents choose to live in Ancaster and commute to work to Hamilton, preferring the small-town lifestyle offered here. If you’re planning to commute, you can choose to live in any one of the local Ancaster neighbourhoods ideally situated close to major roads and highways. Harmony Hall is a desirable neighbourhood with a mix of new and established homes and easy access to Highway 403 and Highway 6.

For the Retiree

Although mostly known for large lots and established homes, Downtown Ancaster has several townhouse and condo developments that are ideal for a retiree. Whether you’re a lifelong Ancaster resident hoping to retire in place or you are looking for a community that embodies quiet living with charming shops and restaurants, Downtown Ancaster is for you. 

Interested in learning more about the local communities, check out some of our favourites here:

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Why Buy a House in Ancaster?

As one of the most sought-after communities in Hamilton, homes for sale in Ancaster offer a certain appeal. Maybe it’s the ample space or the established, close-knit neighbourhood. It could be the amenities or the fantastic services available nearby. 

One thing is for sure, individuals looking to buy a home in Ancaster are not going to find a budget-friendly option here. Homes in Ancaster are known for having more space and high-end features–both things that come at a premium. So why buy a house in Ancaster? Let’s take a closer look:

The Homes

If you’re looking for a gorgeous custom home with high-end finishings, spacious floorplans, and quality appliances, Ancaster is a great choice. Most of the homes here are older, custom-built properties or new builds designed with quality in mind. 

The Land

Ancaster homes are usually situated on large, private lots with mature trees and exceptional landscaping. The streets are well-shaded, and everything has an established feeling to it. Buyers looking for even more space can also look towards the rural areas of Ancaster. Even the new builds have larger-than-normal lots that provide great space to enjoy the outdoors and entertain outside in the summer. 

The Appeal 

We keep saying it, but Ancaster has a true small-town feel without compromising on the urban amenities. The town features exceptional local businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants while still remaining close enough to the big city to get your fill of urban amenities when you need to. 

The Commute 

Ancaster is still close enough to urban centres that commuting to and from work is feasible. However, with more and more professionals working from home or choosing a hybrid WFH model, the commute becomes even less of an issue when you live in a charming, idyllic community. 

The Community

As a smaller town, Ancaster is a close, tight-knit community. The area is supportive of small businesses, and it’s one of those places where you can feel safe knowing your neighbours. Annual events like the Paris to Ancaster Bike Race and the Ancaster Film Festival bring the community even closer together. 

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Why Sell a House in Ancaster?

In a strong “seller’s market” where buyer demand well outpaces the supply of homes available, it’s a fantastic time to list your home for sale. For Ancaster residents, this is even more pertinent as the town becomes an extremely desirable destination for buyers. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we saw almost a “mass migration” of families leaving cities in favour of smaller, outlying communities with more space. Although the initial flight is over, there are still many families who crave more space, and Ancaster is the perfect community to deliver. 

As more families choose to establish themselves in more rural areas, Ancaster’s popularity will only increase. This means selling a home in Ancaster might be easier than ever. A well-appointed, well-prepared home for sale in Ancaster could demand a higher price and a faster sale than current market standards. 

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Find the Right House in Ancaster with Michael St. Jean Realty

When you work with a local real estate team like Michael St. Jean Realty for your next real estate transaction in Ancaster, you can expect an unparalleled level of service. Whether buying a house for sale in Ancaster or selling a home in one of the community’s top-rated neighbourhoods, our extensive market experience, and local knowledge provide results you can always count on. 

You can expect:

  • Confidence knowing you are being represented by one of the top real estate teams in Canada.
  • Access to real-time MLS listings before the general public gets to see them. 
  • Access to exclusive power of sales and estate sales
  • Exclusive insider access to new developments and subdivisions before they become available to the public. 
  • 24/7 availability from our team of real estate experts. 
  • Savvy negotiation skills from our team to help you find the property you want at the best price. 
  • Access to the best financing and terms available. 

Interested in learning more about selling or buying an Ancaster home? See what it’s like to work with Michael St. Jean Realty here. 

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As an affluent community with large lots and beautiful homes, Ancaster’s average home price is probably on-par with communities like Burlington. The average price for a home in Ancaster as of 2021 is over the $1 million mark. 

The Ancaster real estate market is very competitive much like the surrounding Hamilton-Burlington area. As of 2021, we are currently in a seller’s market, which means the buyer demand for housing is greater than the current inventory of available homes for sale. As a result, selling a home in Ancaster is probably easier now than buying. 

Ancaster is an extremely family-friendly community. With numerous high-quality schools, sports programs, community activities, and proximity to nature, Ancaster is desired by many families looking to put down roots and raise children in a beautiful, safe community. Neighbourhoods like Maple Lane Annex and Parkview Heights are popular neighbourhoods for new families. 

In a competitive market like Ancaster, it’s definitely worth getting pre-approved before starting your house hunt. That way, when you find a house for sale in Ancaster, you can act quickly and not have to worry about securing financing before submitting your offer. 

Although we are in a competitive seller’s market where homes seemingly do not stay on the market for very long, it’s still critical to properly prepare your Ancaster home for sale before putting it on the market. Buyers are still looking for value, even in a community like Ancaster where they are expected to pay a premium. Tasks such as decluttering, cleaning, staging, and completing minor repairs or renovations are all excellent ways to improve your home and increase the value it presents to buyers. 

Definitely! Only a local Ancaster real estate team will understand the nuances and unique details of the local market and area. They can recommend communities that perfectly match your unique needs and help you navigate the market with confidence. 

The area is probably best known for its single-family detached homes for sale, however, there are some new Ancaster townhouse and condo developments available. Finding a condo for sale in Ancaster often requires the help of an experienced local agent who knows the market and has a relationship with local builders, property managers, and developers.

Ask around! Talk to your friends and family and look for agents that have visibility in the community. At Michael St. Jean Realty, we’re proud to be one of the most prominent and trusted real estate teams in the area. Our name is well-known among buyers, sellers, and developers alike because we spend time cultivating local relationships while remaining active in the communities we love! 

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