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Oakville sits halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, but the suburban enclave has an identity all its own. Residents enjoy the pristine Lake Ontario shoreline, upscale shops and fine-dining restaurants, and no shortage of arts and cultural. While many homeowners here are professionals who work in the GTA, this isn’t your average bedroom community – Oakville is known for its warm hospitality and friendly village vibe.


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You’ll find a wide variety of housing types in Oakville, from waterfront mansions to higher-density developments. While the town is relatively affluent and has a healthy high-end market, people from many walks of life are settling into Oakville’s condo and townhomes.

  • St. Mildred’s-Lightbourne School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School
  • Forest Trail Public School
  • Chisholm Academy
  • MacLachlan College
  • Oakville Christian School
  • Rotherglen School
  • E J James Middle School
  • Munns Public School
  • Glenburnie School
  • New Central Public School
  • Glen Abbey Community Centre
  • Iroquois Ridge Community Centre
  • River Oaks Community Centre
  • Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre
  • Trafalgar Park Community Centre
  • Sixteen Mile Sports Complex
  • White Oaks Pool
  • Centennial Pool
  • Bronte Creek Provincial Park
  • Shell Park
  • Coronation Park
  • Lion’s Valley Park
  • Bronte Heritage Park
  • Charnwood Park
  • Sedgewick Forest
  • Gairloch Gardens
  • Joshua Valley Park
  • Bayshire Woods Park

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