Stoney Creek is one of Hamilton’s most desirable communities. With excellent schools, beautiful homes, and wondrous nature surrounding the area, it really is one of the finest communities within the GTA. 

All of these reasons only scratch the surface when we’re talking about why buyers from across the region are practically lining up to live in sought-after Stoney Creek. The area is known for its rich history, ample recreational activities, outdoor amenities, and proximity to all the great urban sights and scenes located in Hamilton and across the GTA. 


The History of Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek originally got its name from the area’s central waterway, Stoney Creek. The first inhabitants of the area were Canadian First Nations, then came the French Canadian fur traders followed by fleeing American Loyalists. During the War of 1812, the area garnered some notoriety after British forces defeated an American encampment during the Battle of Stoney Creek. 

The moderate temperatures and soil conditions led to Stoney Creek becoming a major producer of agriculture. Interestingly, Stoney Creek is also known for fruit production, specifically grapes for Ontario wines. 

In the mid-1980s, Stoney Creek became its own city and was amalgamated into the greater City of Hamilton.

Where is Stoney Creek?

Stoney Creek is located in east Hamilton on the southern shore of Lake Ontario below the Niagara Escarpment. Although it’s a historic town with a significant rural population, much of Stoney Creek still remains rural and agricultural. 

However, Stoney Creek’s proximity to major roadways such as the QEW makes it an easy commute for those looking to travel across the GTA. 

Stoney Creek Economy

To this day, Stoney Creek’s main economic activity revolves around agriculture. It has quickly become a well-respected, quality producer of Ontario wines. Although agriculture remains a major employer for Stoney Creek, the local economy is also greatly supplemented and supported by the city of Hamilton, which includes industries such as healthcare, education, industry, research, and entertainment. 

Many Stoney Creek residents are commuters who work in Hamilton or the GTA and wish to take advantage of the beautiful scenery and quiet atmosphere in Stoney Creek.

Stoney Creek Demographics

The 2016 census reported a population of about 69,500 residents in Stoney Creek. Of that number, children under 14 accounted for almost 20% and retired individuals accounted for about 12%. The majority of residents in the area are of European descent with many residents having been born internationally. Over the past 20 years, the population of Stoney Creek has grown at a steady pace and is expected to continue into the next 20 years.

Education in Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek is well-known for its excellent schools. As part of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, the area has numerous options for students and parents looking for top-quality education options. Some of the most notable schools in Stoney Creek include:

  • Mountain View Elementary School 
  • Eastdale Public School 
  • Our Lady of Peace Catholic School 
  • Orchard Park Secondary School 
  • Stoney Creek School of Art 
  • Tapleytown School 
  • John Knox Christian School 
  • Martin of Tours Catholic School 
  • Collegiate Avenue Elementary School

Stoney Creek Infrastructure


Although Stoney Creek is not typically known for its walkability, it is quite good for residents who drive. With less traffic than busier parts of Hamilton and access to arterial roadways like the QEW, it’s quite easy to get around Stoney Creek. The city is also served by public transportation, including the Confederation GO Station, which provides access to the GO Bus and will soon include a GO Train station as well as part of the Lakeshore Line providing direct access to Toronto. 


Stoney Creek residents have access to numerous health clinics, dental offices, and veterinary services. The area is served by St. Joseph’s King Campus hospital for urgent care and comprehensive medical care such as eye care, dialysis, asthma management, diabetes clinic, and more. 

Arts, Culture, and Activities in Stoney Creek

Stoney Creek has some of the most picturesque scenery and natural beauty in the region. Many residents are avid outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy spending as much time as possible getting fresh air. The area is also known for its great restaurants, exciting festivals, and year-round recreation. And did we mention the wineries too?

As a family-friendly community with a large population of children and teens, Stoney Creek is home to numerous recreational centres, playgrounds, and sports facilities. Some of the notable facilities include Stoney Creek Recreation Centre, Stoney Creek Arena, and Sir Wilfred Laurier Recreation Centre to name a few. The area is also home to several historic sites including Battlefield House Museum and Park, which hosts re-enactments of the Battle of Stoney Creek.

Stoney Creek is well-known for its proximity to some natural wonders in the region. Hikers can rejoice at the incredible trails available. Whether you want to check out the amazing Devil’s Punch Bowl Conservation Area, or other wonders like Tiffany Falls, Confederation Beach, the Niagara Escarpment, and parts of the Bruce Trail, there is a lot for you to see and do outside here.

Existing on the edge of Niagara Wine Country, Stoney Creek has numerous great wineries to check out including Ridge Road Winery, Leaning Post Winery, and Puddicombe Estate Winery. The city also has its share of great restaurants and cafes such as Cannon Coffee Co., The Village Restaurant, The Edgewater Manor Restaurant, and more.

As an active community with many active residents, Stoney Creek is home to numerous events across the year. From Pumpkinfest in the fall to Strawberry Folk Fest and Jazz Fest in the Creek, there’s always something to do in the area.

Downtown Stoney Creek is where you will find many unique shops and cafes. This historic shopping district is a popular destination for those looking for special gifts and locally-made items. However, the area also has a few commercial shopping districts including Eastgate Square and Fiesta Mall.

Stoney Creek Real Estate Affordability

When it comes to Stoney Creek real estate affordability, the community sits almost in the mid-range compared to other Hamilton communities. This makes Stoney Creek an excellent option for a variety of homebuyers. The median prices in Stoney Creek are about:

$1.1 Million

Detached House




Apartment-Style Condo

Most Common Property Types in Stoney Creek

Real estate in Stoney Creek, Ontario is versatile. As a historically rural area, there are many single-family detached homes, however, the area is also in high demand. Developments are going up and we are seeing more condos and townhouses appear in the community. This is great news for buyers who are not looking for detached homes, but who wish to still reap the incredible benefits of living in a great neighbourhood like Stoney Creek. 

Stoney Creek Homes For Sale

As a rural community, there are numerous single-family detached homes with ample outdoor space in Stoney Creek. There are many micro-neighbourhoods with charming bungalows built between 20-30 years ago. There are also many newer homes for sale in Stoney Creek, Ontario that are modern constructions between 5-10 years old. 

Many of these residential properties are located in quiet neighbourhoods with easy access to community amenities. 

Stoney Creek Condos For Sale

There are also many new Stoney Creek condo and townhouse developments available in the area. These are typically attached or semi-detached row homes and low-to-mid-rise condo buildings. These condos are spacious, modern, and bright. Although there are new developments available in Stoney Creek, the area is still quite residential and quiet, not at all like the condos you may find in Downtown Hamilton. 

Stoney Creek Real Estate Services

Buying or selling real estate in Stoney Creek is a big undertaking. You want to ensure you are working with an experienced local real estate professional who understands the nuances of the local market. 

That’s why Michael St. Jean Realty is the choice for many homeowners looking to make real estate moves in the area. With extensive experience and the resources of a full team, Michael St. Jean Realty offers exceptional buying and selling services to help you reach you real estate goals. 

Buying a Home with Michael St. Jean Realty 

Whether it’s your first house or you’re a seasoned real estate investor, Michael St. Jean Realty has the insider knowledge and local expertise to find the right home for you. 

When you work with Michael St. Jean Realty as your buyer agent, you get:

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Our Buying Process

Selling a Home with Michael St. Jean Realty 

Selling a home is arguably one of the most important financial decisions you can make. After all, your home is probably your most important and largest asset. At Michael St. Jean Realty, we understand how essential it is to make the most of your home sale. 

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Our Selling Process


Stoney Creek is excellent for families of all ages. The community has access to several highly-ranked schools, community centres, parks, walking paths, and more.

Stoney Creek, Ontario real estate is slightly more affordable than other parts of Hamilton, but the desire to live here is still very high. With numerous new condos and homes, the area is great for investors looking to build their portfolios.

Stoney Creek is approximately a 20-minute drive from Downtown Hamilton. The community sits on the southern shore of Lake Ontario.

The best time to buy a home in Stoney Creek is simply whenever is best for you. Like the rest of Hamilton, a traditional real estate market gets busiest in the fall and spring, however, current data suggests that these seasons are not as relevant as they once were.

There are definite pros and cons to selling your home in Stoney Creek in the fall or spring market. However, the best time to sell is actually whenever you are ready to do so. Recent trends suggest that the traditional fall and spring seasons are less important than in years past.

Stoney Creek real estate is neither the least expensive nor the most expensive Hamilton neighbourhood. There are a variety of property types available, making the community relatively affordable for a wide spectrum of buyers.

Like the rest of Hamilton, prices in Stoney Creek are rising. During strong Seller’s Markets–like the one we are in for 2022–it’s common to see prices increase as demand for housing goes up and supply remains low.

With easy access to major arterial roadways like the QEW, Stoney Creek is great for commuters. The city also has access to public bus transportation and is currently in the process of expanding its rail options with a brand-new stop on the Lakeshore Line for the GO Train. 

It’s best to work with an experienced Stoney Creek Realtor® when making real estate decisions in the area. The best way to find a qualified real estate agent in Stoney Creek is to ask around. Talk to friends, families, and neighbours, look at local signage, and read online reviews. The best way to find a real estate agent in Stoney Creek, Ontario is to look for agents with specific experience in your area and with your property type or desired property type. 

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