This gorgeous village just north of Hamilton proper is one of the most sought-after communities in the region. Beautiful historic homes juxtaposed with modern new constructions make houses for sale in Waterdown, Ontario some of the most varied and appealing in the area. 

The village itself is known for its rich history, its peaceful and quiet sidestreets, and bustling downtown area. Waterdown homes for sale are picturesque and charming. Combined with the area’s friendly atmosphere and vibrant community, this is an extremely desirable place to live. 

With a combination of large, expansive rural Waterdown houses for sale and more modern new construction condos, townhouses, and single-family homes, there is something for everyone in Waterdown. 

The community itself is growing over the years, becoming a great option for young families who are looking to live in newer subdivisions or modern properties in a small-town setting. If you are considering a home for sale in Waterdown, Ontario, it’s best to work with a local agent. At Michael St. Jean Realty, we’re locals too and we know exactly how to help find a fantastic home or condo for sale in Waterdown for you.

Waterdown Houses For Sale

Houses for sale in Waterdown appeal to a variety of buyers. On the outskirts of the village you will find older, heritage-style homes that reflect the rich history of the area. There are some farmhouses and even larger estates on significant plots of land. 

However, that is not the only type of home for sale in Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. In fact, closer to the village centre, you will find modern subdivisions and new construction condos and townhouses. 

Waterdown home for sale listings are typically priced slightly higher than the average for Hamilton. A detached home for sale in Waterdown in 2021 was about $1.2 million while townhouses for sale in Waterdown were about $799,000. Apartment-style condos for sale in Waterdown were also higher priced than other parts of Hamilton, with an average of $626,000 in 2021. 

Although home prices in Waterdown are slightly above average, it’s important to note the value you are getting. Homes here are quite nice, combined with the proximity, amenities, space, privacy, and safety–you can understand why houses for sale in Waterdown come at a premium.

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Waterdown Condos For Sale

Although Waterdown is primarily known for its charming homes on beautiful leafy lots, there are some condo and townhouse developments in the area closer to the village centre. Condos for sale in Waterdown are bright, modern, and more affordable than detached homes, making them a great option for buyers who want to capture the best parts of living in Waterdown without the steep price tag.

Upcoming Waterdown Developments

Housing for sale in Waterdown is diverse. In addition to older homes built in the past 20 years, you will also find new Waterdown townhouses for sale and condos for sale. These properties are often located closer to the village centre, near the shops, dining, and other amenities that make Waterdown so special. 

This variety in housing combined with the comparative affordability of condos and townhouses for sale in Waterdown provides a popular option for first-time buyers and investors to get into the market here. 

Waterdown townhouses for sale and condos for sale are also popular among downsizers. The charm and vibrancy of the local community make Waterdown a great place to live if you wish to combine the joy and tranquility of small-town living with the convenience and action of city amenities.

As more people discover the appeal of Waterdown, the area will become further gentrified, resulting in even more new developments coming to the area in the future. We fully expect more and more people to begin serving for new homes for sale in Waterdown.

You can learn more about some of the most exciting new developments in Hamilton and Waterdown right here. 

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How to Find the Right New Waterdown Development for You

Buying a new home for sale in Waterdown is a great choice if you are looking for a modern and stylish home in a fantastic neighbourhood with a rich history. New developments are perfect for homeowners who want a modern style with modern finishings. Newer homes are also typically more maintenance-friendly and require less upkeep in the first few years of ownership. 

Are you wondering if buying a new construction home in Waterdown is right for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the style and size of the home suit your aesthetic preferences and lifestyle? 
  • What amenities do you care about? Proximity to schools and daycares? Entertainment? Transit?
  • Is this home serving as your “forever home” or is it your starter home? 
  • Would you prefer living in an established or “up-and-coming” neighbourhood?

Micheal St. Jean Realty is the preferred sales partner for many new developments in the area. If you have questions about buying a condo or townhouse for sale in Waterdown, we can help! 

Why Buy a House in Waterdown?

Waterdown homes for sale are located in safe, family-friendly neighbourhoods. However, the community is diverse enough to support a variety of housing types. The downtown core and proximity to amenities make Waterdown a popular choice for active homeowners of all ages. 

Here are some other reasons why you should consider buying a house for sale in Waterdown:


Located at the very top of the Niagara Escarpment, about 60km away from Downtown Hamilton, Waterdown is a beautiful little village close to amazing local amenities. Sitting at the north end of Hamilton, Waterdown residents are removed from the urban centre of the region, however the village remains close to transit and local highways including Highway 5, 6, and the 403. Commuting from Waterdown is relatively easy, and the village itself is home to numerous cafes and local shops. 


Waterdown began its life as a mill city, but today it’s become a destination for charming eateries, cafes, and local shops. There are numerous locally-owned galleries, spas, and fine dining options in the town. Waterdown’s downtown area is truly idyllic with fantastic options for cyclists, art enthusiasts, and even a beautiful farmer’s market. 


With so much charm surrounding Waterdown, it’s easy to forget that it’s almost right in the middle of one of Canada’s most beautiful and scenic areas. The Niagara Escarpment provides exceptional hiking and outdoor activities for residents. The Waterdown Trail, Bruce Trail, and Smokey Hollow Falls are just a few of the local attractions you can see. 


It may sound counterintuitive, but the fact that Waterdown home for sale prices are slightly above average may work in favour for some buyers. For those looking for a more exclusive experience in a neighbourhood with less competition, the higher price points in Waterdown may be a bonus. Plus, although the prices are higher than other parts of Hamilton, you are still getting great value for you money. Which brings us to our next point. 


The homes in Waterdown are second-to-none. Whether you’re looking for an older resale home with plenty of charm and character or you prefer a modern new build in a picturesque subdivision, there is something for you in Waterdown. 

Are you ready to make the move to Waterdown? Learn more about the buying process with Michael St. Jean Realty right here.

Our Buying Process

Why Sell a House in Waterdown?

For all the reasons listed above, Waterdown is a fantastic place to also sell your home. There is high demand for beautiful homes in charming and safe neighbourhoods and Waterdown is already well known for its benefits. 

If you are planning to sell your home in Waterdown, now is the time to do so. With prices high and values increasing, homes for sale in Waterdown are selling quickly. 

If you’re thinking about selling your Waterdown home or condo, you can learn more about our selling process here.

Our Selling Process

Find the Right House in Waterdown with Michael St. Jean Realty

Buying or selling real estate in Waterdown requires the help of an experienced and skilled expert. Someone who knows the area and who knows how to market and position your home to its best potential. 

At Michael St. Jean Realty, we have over 40+ years of collective experience working exclusively in Hamilton and the Waterdown area. We love this region and our expertise is most valuable when helping clients buy or sell real estate. 

When you buy or sell real estate in Waterdown with Michael St. Jean Realty, you can expect:

  • Confidence knowing you are being represented by one of the top real estate teams in Canada.
  • Access to real-time MLS listings before the general public gets to see them. 
  • Access to exclusive power of sales and estate sales
  • Exclusive insider access to new developments and subdivisions before they become available to the public. 
  • 24/7 availability from our team of real estate experts. 
  • Savvy negotiation skills from our team to help you find the property you want at the best price. 
  • Access to the best financing and terms available. 


Waterdown is located about 60km north of Downtown Hamilton on the very tip of the Niagara Escarpment. The nearest highways are Highway 5, 6 and the 403.

The average home price in Waterdown is slightly above the average for Hamilton. In 2021 the average price of a detached house in Waterdown was $1.2 million. Townhouses average prices were $799,000 and apartment-style condos were $626,000. 

As with most home prices in the Hamilton area, the average price of a house for sale in Waterdown, Ontario is going up. Although price fluctuations are common based on current market conditions, in general, values in the area are increasing.

With numerous beautiful family homes for sale in Waterdown and its proximity to idyllic village life and nature, Waterdown is excellent for families. There are numerous schools in the area and many family-friendly events happening throughout the year.

With condos for sale in Waterdown, townhouses, and smaller homes close to the centre of the village, Waterdown is also great for retirees. The local community and excellent shopping, dining, and entertainment make Waterdown a great place to retiree and enjoy your golden years.

Waterdown is slightly removed from Hamilton proper. It’s a rural setting with proximity to major roads and highways making it great for drivers and commuters. The area is also served by The Hamilton Street Railway and is accessible via the Aldershot Via Rail and GO Station.

The majority of condos for sale in Waterdown are located close to the village centre, mostly walking distance from the local shops and restaurants. As demand for homes for sale in Waterdown increases, we will see more developments built in the area. Gentrification will bring more condos and townhouse developments to the area.

The choice to buy first or sell first when moving up or down in Waterdown depends entirely on the market conditions. In most cases, we recommend buying first and then selling your current home when the market favours sellers. In a buyer’s market where prices are declining, it would be better to sell first and then buy. However, market conditions are not the only factors. Your personal goals and needs should also be considered. In these cases, it’s best to consult with an experienced real estate agent.

The best way to find a local real estate team in Waterdown is to do some research! Take a look at the agents who are active in the area and ask your friends and family who they recommend. Interviewing prospective agents is also a good idea because it will help you decide if they are right for you.

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