David Coren

Sales Representative

P: 289-239-8866

E: david@stjeanrealty.com

David is a results-driven person, you can count on him every step of the way!

David Coren is a dedicated professional full-time REALTOR® who is a very disciplined and well-organized person. Prior to entering the profession of real estate sales in July 2011, David’s background included a successful career for over 25 years in the consumer packaged goods industry, where he managed multi-million dollar businesses, marketing and selling national brands to global customers such as Walmart and Costco.

Throughout his career, David has adopted a disciplined approach to his business that focuses on fully understanding the desired outcome, completing the necessary planning and analysis, and consistently adhering to fact-based principles, whether it involves the buying or selling process.


Client Success
"With a consistent aim to raise the bar in the industry, Michael St. Jean Realty has forged ahead to change the game with two clear winners: Real Estate Agents and Clients.”
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