Nesho Kajganic

Sales Representative


Nesho Kajganic is a passionate real estate professional who goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and get results.

Born and raised in Ancaster, Nesho has over 7 years of experience in sales. With a background in home renovations and general construction, Nesho is adept at identifying opportunities and maximizing ROI in investment properties. His experience as an investor sparked his passion for helping clients find the same success that he did. 

Nesho loves helping first-time buyers, investors, and sellers reach their real estate goals and his aim is to provide award-winning service and results his clients can count on. 

When he’s not growing his investment portfolio and helping clients, Nesho is passionate about buying and working on classic cars.

Client Success
"With a consistent aim to raise the bar in the industry, Michael St. Jean Realty has forged ahead to change the game with two clear winners: Real Estate Agents and Clients.”
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