In response to COVID-19, the Ontario government has implemented a number of temporary changes to its rental processes and rules. These new changes are now in effect and will be in place until further notice.

Here’s what you need to know:


Landlords can still serve eviction notices to their tenants, but eviction enforcement is suspended for the foreseeable future.

No new eviction orders will be issued, and any scheduled enforcement of current evictions orders are postponed. Eviction applications can still be filed online, but the Landlord Tenant Board counter services are closed.

Eviction hearings are suspended until further notice, except for urgent disputes related to illegal acts or safety concerns.

Entering A Unit

Landlords are encouraged to only request entry to a tenanted unit if it’s an urgent situation, and they must follow the proper physical distancing guidelines.

The other rules and regulations around entering a tenanted rental unit remain the same: Landlords must still give 24 hours notice to the tenant and state their time/date of entrance, as well as their reason for entering.

Rent Payment

Unless otherwise agreed upon by the tenant and landlord, tenants must still pay their monthly rent if they can, or pay it to the best of their ability.

If an eviction notice has been issued, it will not be enforced, but tenants must still pay rent.

During this time, landlords and tenants are encouraged to work together to reach the best possible solutions.

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