Known as an affluent bedroom community in the most western part of the Golden Triangle, Ancaster is home to many of the region’s most sought-after properties and neighbourhoods. It’s a small town on the outskirts of Hamilton that was amalgamated into the greater City of Hamilton in 2001. 

With a population of about 41,000, Ancaster retains its “small-town” charm while remaining close to major urban amenities and conveniences. Many Ancaster residents are professionals who work in surrounding areas like Hamilton, Burlington, Mississauga, or Toronto. 

Real estate in Ancaster, Ontario is highly competitive and desirable. The area is well-known for its beautiful single-family homes and townhouses. The area does have a small number of low-rise condominium buildings closer to its downtown area, but these are rare. All of these factors make Ancaster the ideal location for families and professionals who are willing to pay a premium for space, luxury, and convenience. 

The History of Ancaster

Ancaster has a rich history that goes back as far as the 1700s when it was originally settled by the British. The town of Ancaster is home to many historic memorials and heritage buildings such as the Old Town Hall, Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum, and Griffin House. It was an important town during the war of 1812 during “The Bloody Assize” where renegade settlers were charged with treason. 

In the mid-1800s, Ancaster was a major area for commercial development, but the construction of the Desjardins Canal in Dundas as well as the railway to Hamilton stumped the community’s commercial interests and caused the area to revert to relying on agriculture as its major economic driver. 

The town was incorporated in 1974 and in 2001 was amalgamated as part of the City of Hamilton. Today, Ancaster is most well-known for its “small town” charm, agricultural endeavours, proximity to nature, strong community ties, and desirable real estate. 

Where is Ancaster?

Ancaster is located on the Niagara Escarpment on the west side of Hamilton. Ancaster is the most western point of what is considered the “Golden Horseshoe” in Southern Ontario. It is intersected by major roadways like Highway 403 and Wilson Street West, providing excellent accessibility to Hamilton and the GTA. 

Ancaster Economy

As part of the City of Hamilton, Ancaster’s economy is also quite tied to several different industries. Although the area was most famous years ago for its steel production, Hamilton and Ancaster now have a diverse economy rooted in education and the arts. McMaster University is one of the largest employers in the region. 

However, as a rural community, Ancaster is also known for its agricultural community. The area is home to many farming operations. In addition to its main commercial district, The Power Centre, Ancaster’s downtown core is also home to numerous locally-owned businesses, shops, cafes, and more.

Ancaster Demographics

Known for being an “affluent bedroom community,” Ancaster is home to some of the most wealthy Hamilton residents. With a population of about 41,000 in 2020, Ancaster residents are typically middle-to-late aged professionals, families, or affluent retirees. With its small-town charm, Ancaster residents love living in a peaceful, quiet, and safe community with plenty of access to larger urban amenities such as Toronto and Hamilton proper. 

Education in Ancaster

Ancaster students have access to some excellent private, public, and specialty schools in the area. As part of the Hamilton-Wentworth School Board, local schools include:

  • Ancaster High School
  • Ancaster Meadow Elementary School 
  • Ancaster Senior Public School 
  • Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School 
  • Dundas Valley Montessori School 
  • H. Bray Elementary School 
  • Fessenden Elementary School 
  • Hamilton District Christian High School 
  • Rousseau Elementary School 
  • Tapply Binet College 
  • Tiffany Hills Elementary School

Ancaster Infrastructure

Ancaster is an extremely walkable community. Most residents here get around by car as Highway 403 intersects the town. Hamilton and the John C. Munro Airport are both a short 15-minute drive away and cities like Mississauga and Toronto are all within an hour’s drive. Ancaster is also served by The City of Hamilton’s public transportation services with numerous bus stops throughout the city. 

With numerous healthcare facilities, Ancaster is well-served by doctors, dentists, and veterinary services. However, there are no major general hospitals in the town. For emergencies, Ancaster residents would need to go to Hamilton General Hospital.

Ancaster Recreation and Culture

Although the arts and culture scene in Ancaster may not match the scale found in Hamilton, the town is still well-known for its amazing community events and annual activities. Since the town is driven by small businesses, it’s common to see many artisans showcasing their wares during farmer’s market season, and beyond. Residents of Ancaster are always happy and proud to support community events, continuing to give Ancaster a unique, enhanced community quality.

In addition to official community recreation centres like the Ancaster Rotary Centre, Aquatic Centre, and Community Centre, Ancaster is well-known for its beautiful nature trails and excellent hiking and outdoor activities. Tiffany Falls Conservation Area, Bruce Trail, and The Hamilton Golf and Country Club are just a few ways that Ancaster residents enjoy the outdoors. 

Perhaps not as large as Hamilton’s booming arts scene, Ancaster is still quite an artistic town with exceptional events and support for local artists. Local events like the Ancaster Film Festival and Brott Music Festival are annual favourites, with many locals and visitors in attendance. 

Ancaster residents also have the option to enjoy numerous avenues for physical activities. The Ancaster Sports Centre is an excellent hub for soccer, golf, and squash. There are also numerous minor league sports for children and teens. Ancaster is also home to an enthusiastic cycling community and the town plays host to the annual Paris to Ancaster bicycle race, inspired by the historic Paris Roubaix in Europe. Cyclists from across the province flock to the area to take part each year. 

Ancaster may have a small-town vibe, but the food scene here is second-to-none. Between the amazing farm-to-table creations at The Ancaster Mill to fantastic dining experiences at the likes of Cavallo Nero or Rousseau House, there are numerous premium dining locations to satisfy every craving. Since the town is supported so much by small businesses, there are numerous small cafes and lunch destinations to choose from as well. 

One major contributing factor to its charming small-town atmosphere is Ancaster’s excellent community events. There’s always something happening. Whether it’s taking in Lobsterfest or Ancaster Heritage Days in the early summer or activities like the Ancaster Fair or Annual Christmas Tree Lighting later in the year, there’s always an event or activity to enjoy. 

Ancaster Neighbourhoods

Ancaster is a small town compared to other communities, however, there is still a range of micro-neighbourhoods, each with its own unique attributes. 

For example, Ancaster Heights is where you will find mostly established estates and large, mature lots. Maple Lane Annex is known for its newer constructions, making it a great option for families. 

Neighbourhoods like Harmony Hall and Parkview Heights are known for their proximity to amenities and transport. For example, Harmony Hall is a commuter’s dream as it sits close to both Highway 403 and Highway 6. 

Sulphur Springs is another smaller Ancaster neighbourhood that is quickly gaining popularity among homeowners. Although it was once considered rural land that sits between Ancaster and Dundas, the area is now seeing development with close-by amenities and beautiful surrounding nature making this a desirable place to be. 

Regardless of your needs or homeownership goals, there’s a neighbourhood in Ancaster to suit your style. Interested in learning more about the area? Check out some of the other surrounding communities here:

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Ancaster Real Estate Affordability

With its abundance of beautiful heritage homes, single-family detached, and large, mature properties in well-established neighbourhoods, it’s no surprise that Ancaster real estate has some of the highest prices in the region. In 2020, the average detached home price in Ancaster was $1.1 million. 

Although it would not be considered an “affordable” neighbourhood. The properties here do represent some of the highest-value opportunities for buyers, especially when you consider the nearby amenities, beautiful properties, expansive lots, easy access to transit, and the excellent community atmosphere. It’s obvious to see why Ancaster is such a desirable place to live.

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Ancaster Real Estate Services

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The Ancaster real estate market is one of the fastest-growing in the region. Prices are rising here due to the abundant space available, beautiful heritage homes, large lots, and excellent amenities. In 2020, Ancaster real estate listings were, on average, selling for $1.1 million, making Ancaster one of the more expensive communities in the Hamilton area.

Ancaster, Ontario real estate is mostly comprised of detached family homes on large lots. Many homes here are older, in more established neighbourhoods with excellent, high-quality features and plenty of space. 

Condos are not as popular in Ancaster real estate, however, there are a few condo developments closer to downtown Ancaster. These buildings are usually low-rise condo buildings with luxury amenities.

Real estate in Ancaster compared to Hamilton, Ontario is quite different when it comes to new developments. Ancaster is well-known for its established homes, while Hamilton is currently experiencing a development boom. However, some parts of Ancaster like Meadowlands and Maple Lane Annex have newer homes built more recently.

With its large lots and beautiful, spacious homes, Ancaster real estate offers excellent options for growing families. Incredible local amenities, great schools, and proximity to nature are all also excellent factors for families looking to settle down. However, the prices here might be prohibitive for younger, less established families.

Like its neighbourhing communities, the busiest buying and selling periods in Ancaster, Ontario real estate typically align with the school year. Spring and fall are the busiest times to list a home or buy a home. However, the market is always active, and in our opinion, the best time to buy or sell Ancaster real estate is a unique decision dependant on many personal factors.

The main benefit of choosing a local real estate broker in Ancaster is having the ability to leverage their unique area experience. Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Ancaster, it’s critical that you work with a professional who knows the area like the back of their hand. Local agents know the local market and all of its nuances, therefore putting you in a better position to succeed in your real estate transaction.

 The best way to find a quality real estate agent in Ancaster is to go with a name you trust. Look at local signs, listen to the radio, read the newspaper, ask your friends. Find out who is well-known in the area and begin by interviewing those trusted Ancaster real estate agents. From there, you can find an agent who you connect with on a personal level, and who you can have absolute confidence in when it comes to helping with your real estate transaction. 

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