This was a big year for our team and again we continue to build on the successes of prior years. We continue to grow and to move forward in our quest to be your Hamilton real estate agent of choice.

We are proud to have helped over 550 clients buy, sell, and invest in real estate. In addition we assisted another 100 clients with their leasing needs. Thank you for choosing us as your Hamilton real estate agent and putting your trust in us.

It’s been a big year for us as well in the new development business as we launched The Lofts 2, which was the highly anticipated follow-up to the record-breaking The Lofts project, which we had released at the end of 2016. We sold the entire Lofts 2 project in less than one day. It was an incredible success for our team, our clients and, of course, for Brantford as it continues to see major rehabilitation, turnaround and renewal, very similar to what Hamilton has experienced. Construction is well underway and we are excited to see this project come to life!

We went on to launch the Vista Condos on Charlton, a property tucked very nicely into the escarpment, with views of downtown Hamilton on the north side and views of the Niagara Escarpment to the south. We sold the entire building prior to it’s opening. Months later, we launched the Vista 2 Condos, which we sold out in only one day. Our successful Vista 3 Condos VIP launch took place in July, and we’ll be having our grand opening in early 2018. The project is now under construction and everything is moving along nicely.

During the summer, we had some bad news regarding The Connolly, as it was reported in the media that the development had gone into receivership. This came as a complete shock to ourselves, the architect, City of Hamilton, project planner, and the construction management company. As of the day that the news broke, we were still working in sync to make The Connolly a reality. This project has every reason to move forward, and going back to our launch back in 2014, The Connolly was the fastest-selling condo in the city. We had sold 80 percent of the project in only two sales events. Ever since, unfortunately, we were met with a series of delays and reasons from the developer as to why things were taking longer than expected. We had no prior knowledge of the project going into receivership or that there were any financial difficulties.

Since that time, we have done our best to stay out of the way and not to negatively impact the process as far as the public is concerned. We’ve been working behind the scenes with all of the parties to do whatever we can to assist the project in moving forward, for the benefit of any potential buyers as well as for the City of Hamilton. We believe that the project has every reason to be a major success.

At the end of November, we launched the Jamesville Lofts located right in the heart of Hamilton’s popular ‘Jamesville’ neighbourhood. Our VIP event was a major success as we sold 80% of the project in a single day. We look forward to construction commencing in 2018.

There was a lot of media attention on us over the course of the year. We were interviewed for nearly 15 articles, from the Global Mail to the Hamilton Spectator, and we were on CHCH news twice for the highly anticipated Vista Condos as well as an additional time to discuss the Fair Housing Plan, which had just been announced by the Ontario Government. We are proud to be looked at as industry leaders in the Hamilton marketplace, so much so that national and local press continues to get our advice and opinions on the real estate market and happenings in Hamilton.

We were named one of the top 100 teams in Canada by the Real Estate Professional magazine for 2017. I was named one of Canada’s real estate young guns for 2017 by the REP magazine as well. This was the third year in a row that I received that mention.

We see ourselves as more than just your typical Hamilton real estate agent. We see ourselves as consultants, market leaders and, of course, as the team to turn to when seeking real estate related news, information and advice. To us, real estate is not a ‘job’, it’s our life. We will continue on our mission to strive to be the face of real estate in the Hamilton marketplace going forward.

It’s been a incredible year for our team and for the City of Hamilton. We couldn’t be more proud to be real estate agents in this vibrant and growing city.

Happy New Year.